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4 Product Values

Being true to our belief in delivering good health and wellness to every family, Nova is committed to deliver
safe, effective and evidence-based products to our customers.

  • In-house research and development team.

    All products are created by our in-house research team. Through our research we develop:

    - Products that fit consumer’s changing needs to improve health and wellness.

    - Effective solutions based on the latest scientific developments.

    - New solutions to better manage chronic diseases.

  • Effectiveness is the fundamental element of our people-centred research.

    Through research, we deliver evidence-based solutions by:

    - Products are formulated to deliver at functional dosage.

    Measure & Quantify
    - Consistent and adequate delivery of active ingredients for effectiveness and safety.

    High Absorption Delivery Systems
    - Enhanced absorption of active ingredients.

  • Safety is our priority.

    We ensure highest level of product safety for all our products.

    - All ingredients are carefully selected, screened, and tested.

    - 196 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to check and support manufacturing.

    - 14 steps Quality Control process from selection of raw materials to the end-products.

  • Product + Education

    We believe proper education will lead to proper use of the product and in turn, it will optimise the effectiveness.

    With proper education, consumers know how to:

    - Select the right product.

    - Consume at the right dosage and proper usage.

    - Achieve better outcomes.